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The Town of Deer Trail develops budgets for five of its accounts, General Fund, Water Fund, Sewer Fund,  Conservation Trust Fund, and Open Space Fund.

The Town's Budget Officer, the Town Clerk, submits  proposed budgets for the upcoming year to the Board of Trustees by October 15 of the current year.  The General Fund budget must be adopted before the property tax mill levy is certified, based on final assessed valuations from the County Assessor's office.  The deadline for mill levy certification is December 15.

General Fund


The Water Fund is an enterprise fund used strictly for revenue and expenditures associated with the Town's water system.

Water Fund


The Sewer Fund, like the Water Fund, is an enterprise fund.

Sewer Fund


Funds for the Conservation Trust Fund are derived from an inter-governmental allocation of lottery proceeds based on town population.

Conservation Trust Fund


The Open Space Fund is derived from an allocation of Arapahoe County Open Space tax collections.

Open Space Fund