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Regular Meeting

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 - 7:00 p.m.

Deer Trail Town Hall



1.       Call to Order


2.       Roll Call


3.       Approval of Agenda


4.       Approval of the Minutes

          A.      December 2, 2008 Regular Meeting


5.       Public Comments


6.       Reports

          A.      Water/Sewer Report

          B.      Town Clerk’s Report

          C.      Safety Committee Report


7.       Approval and Payment of Bills


8.       Unfinished Business

A.      Helicopter Landing Pad

B.      Water/Sewer Taps

C.      Qualifications for Board Members

D.      Nuisance Ordinances

E.      Resolution 08-12 – Appropriating Additional Sums of Money


9.       New Business

          A.      Resolution 09-01 – Designating Posting Places

          B.      Resolution 09-02 – Calling for a Special Election

          C.      Resolution 09-03 – Appointing Election Judges

          D.      Initiative Ordinances

E.      Auditor

          F.       Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund Donation Request


10.     Trustees' Comments


11.     Adjournment        


Posted January 5, 2009